Traveler, scientist, director of the Arctic and Antarctic Museum Victor Boyarsky used to love novels by Jack London in his childhood, and now he might be one of his heroes. Born in Batumi and grown up in sunny Georgia Boyarsky devoted his life to discover and exploration of Arctic and Antarctic. All in all he has visited North Pole more than 60 times. Together with such brave spirits he passed the meridian Greenland, the world's largest island. Then the legendary passage Trans-Antarctic, when the international team headed by Victor Boyarsky passed the longest itinerary of Antarctica. Guinness World Records has certified impressive sprint. Boyarsky used to have extreme situations where there was no one chance to survive. However he doesn't conceive himself as a hero, because he has chosen his career consciously, the career when the risk of one's life is an integral part of existence. Today Viktor organizes educational tours to the North Pole and is considers himself a very happy person. Happy because he is free. He can go any time to the places without city fuss, where one can draw in great lungsful of fresh air.